AC2404 Collare Coat Glacier Rhubarb

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Alquema, fashion for extraordinary women.
Alquema is a proudly Australian owned women’s clothing brand based in beautiful Sydney.
A handcrafted, artistic brand at our core, not simply in the clothing we design, fabrics we choose and the pleating we create but in the women we are. We are constantly inspired by the extraordinary women in our lives from family and friends to icons past and present. Alquema women are those who cross continents and cultures, mould us, embolden us and rejuvenate us.

The Collare Coat is reminiscent of a waterfall. The beautiful pleated folds created within the chiffon material make it an easy to wear Alquema piece is perfectly paired with the Dresses or trousers 

Handmade Garment - Approximate hanging length 121cm

100% Chiffon, man made fibre

one size truly fits size 4-16