GET IT GIRL!! The GirlyGoGarter for for every women who wants to ditch her purse.




No pockets, no problem!!
Dancing is just so much better when you can you put your hands in the air and not worry where or whom has your purse!!!! The GirlyGoGarter is a smart, sexy innovation in functional lingerie, invented and developed by celebrity beauty & style expert Angie Paige. It as more thank 5 years in the making and involves at least 3 patents and is now available in store and on-linen at Lord's!
The Girly Go Garter comes in solid colours: Nude, Red & Black
Girly Go Garters are also supportive carriers for Insulin Pumps and Epi-Pens!!!!
They can even relieve some of the wedding jitters by holding all your "big day" essentials. 

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