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Lord's Shoe Care Tips!

Everything you need to know about taking care of your loved ones... which in this case, is that newly purchased pair of lovely shoes you would like to keep looking fresh and young! We will be adding to this page frequently so please, visit us again for more shoe care tips, tricks and knowledge! 

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask our shoe care experts at! We will do our best to help with your shoe emergencies and may even post your questions to our page for others to soak up!

And remember... these are just tips, tricks and knowledge we have picked up in our 80+ years in the shoe business. We are not cobblers or shoe repair people, so take our advice with a grain of salt! All of your major shoe blunders should be taken to the professionals.



How to Care for Your Patent Leather:

Patent leather is Vancouver's best friend! Why, you ask? Because Vancouver = Rain and Rain = some sort of shoe, previous or post, rain shoe care. Math sucks doesn't it? Well don't worry. We don't want to confuse you! Patent leather is fantastic in rain, therefore it doesn't fit into that mathematical equasion! 

Patent leather's glossy finish will repel rain perfectly! But that doesn't mean your shoes or boots are waterproof… don't let me get you confused. Unless the seams of your shoes or boots are taped, and zippers are backed up, it means the actual leather of your shoes is proofed from water, but not the entire shoe itself. 

The only thing that you must do with patent is give it a little cleaning every now and again, especially after a down pour. Remember what your bathroom mirror looks like just before you clean it? It's spotty from watermarks. This will happen to your patent leather. But don't freak out just yet. There are a few ways to clean your leather. You can wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it right away, or (your best bet) you can clean and moisturize it at the same time with a patent care product. This product will get your shoes super shiny, clean and make sure there is no cracking happening. 

Yes, patent can crack. Usually this has nothing to do with you, and more to do with the quality of the leather itself. The softer the patent, the better and the less chance of cracking. But if you are like me, preventative measures are always best. Use a patent care :)

Happy (shallow) puddle splashing!



How to Care for Your Suede:

T'is the season, isn't it!? Fall is always bringing us the most luxurious suedes and a common concern among our customers is how to care for suede if it gets wet. Have no fear! Suede got a bad rap in the 90's but it is actually one of the easiest leathers to care for being that there are multiple ways to clean and enhance it's appearance once wet or stricken with salt lines.

1. Once you get home from sloshing through the puddles (we hope that you would avoid the puddles, but in any case...) take off your boots/shoes and stuff them with newspaper.

2. Wait patiently for them to dry (we know this is hard - time for your back up boots!) away from heat.

3. After they are dry, use suedes best friend - a suede brush! If you are not familiar with this handy tool, you should be. It looks like a little brush with rubber bristles on one side and metal bristles on the other. Gently brush small blemishes with the metal part (gently my friends) and then brush your suede with the rubber side to restore the nap of the leather. 

4. "AH! My suede boots have salt stains!" Don't worry, calm down. I promise this is not the end of the world. Follow steps one and two and then VERY SPARINGLY dab a concoction of equal parts vinegar and water to the salt stains with a clean cloth. 

5. If you have favoured your suede shoes/boots and have noticed the colour looking a little dull, there is a product out there called suede renew. It contains dyes which renew the colour back into your suedes and nubucks and works like a hot damn! Brand new looking shoes all over again. 

*Lord's Shoes carries all of your suede shoe care products. Suede brushes, leather protector spray and suede renew (in different colours) are all available in our Edmonton and Vancouver locations. If you have any questions please email us at!