1 Dresses, 2 Sizes

In this post we will feature some of our newest collections for spring on difference models to show you how we have the right to fit all shapes and sizes. 


New Alembika is a fabulous lines sizes 1-6 or S-XXXL. These pieces boast fabulous and luxurious fabrics that celebrates many ages, styles and shapes. Above both models have the same top; one model is a 14 and the other a 4. The colourful and bold print both camouflages and highlights shape while minumizing bust and hips. 

This amazing crinkle-fit tunique can be a dress or top depending on how you want to wear it and your shop. Again, one model is a size 6 and the other a 14 and each women showcases the amazing textures and fabrics of this colleciton. 

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