Diamond in the Rough: NEW to Lord's Shoes: A.S 98. boots & new jewellery!



We are over the moon excited to introduce to you a brand new line of boots we are carrying for the Fall season: A.S. 98!

This fantastic line of boots is designed in Italy. All of their leathers are made and tanned in Italy and then assembled in Bosnia. The leathers are tanned with vegetable dyes and in turn develop a very rustic, worn in, distressed look that is coveted by so many boot lovers!

Including a man most of us drool over, Mr. Johnny Depp! This month's Rolling Stone cover man showed up to their interview donning a pair of their perfectly worn in boots!

"Depp is, at the moment, dressed like a hobo whom other hobos would worry about. On his head is a battered, ancient brown fedora with a big tear on top, like Indiana Jones' post-refrigerator-ride. He's thrown a shapeless brown canvas jacket over a blue denim shirt that's open to reveal a bonus shirt, an orange-striped Henley, beneath. His jeans are huge, carpenter-cut, shredded practically to bits, with white paint splattered up the legs and duct tape covering some of the worst holes at the rear. He's wearing a bunch of skull rings on his fingers. His brown leather boots (worn over white socks) are the only faux-distressed element of his outfit – a gift from their manufacturer, A.S. 98., they're brand-new but look 30 years old. He has a goatee and a mustache and many, many tattoos, some of them very recently acquired. "I'm running out of real estate," he says."

Read more:http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/johnny-depp-an-outlaw-looks-at-50-20130618#ixzz2bmZLtA2e


We also just received fantastic new jewelry! There is something for everyone, and for any occasion in our jewelry case. We carry silver, black, bronze, gold and coloured Swarovski crystal earrings, bracelets, brooches, hair pins and necklaces. And not to worry, we have clip on's for un-pierced ears! 


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