Chie Mihra - the most anticipated shoe delivery of the season!

Greetings Fashion Lovers! 

Get ready to step into spring with a burst of colorcomfort, and undeniable wow factor! We are thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated release of an exclusive collection by none other than Chie Mihara from Spain! 🇪🇸✨

  1. Geometric Prints Galore: Add a touch of modern flair to your wardrobe with geometric prints that are right on trend for spring. From chic squares to playful triangles, these eye-catching patterns will take your outfit to the next level. 🔷🔶

  1. Color Explosion: Say goodbye to dull winter hues and hello to a kaleidoscope of colors! From  lush greens and radiant pinks, Chie Mihara's spring collection will instantly brighten up your look and your mood. 🎨🌈

The perfect LBD to go with your Chie?

only $120

  1. Comfort Redefined: Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for style? With plush cushioning and supportive designs, Chie Mihara's platforms are a dream to wear. Say hello to happy feet all season long! 👣😊

  1. Limited Sizes, Unlimited Style: Act fast because sizes in this collection are limited! Don't miss your chance to snag the perfect pair of Chie Mihara shoes to elevate your spring ensemble.  👠💫

🌼 Versatile and Chic 

100% linen and only $185


Summer Vibes platform sandal

avaiable in hot pink, gold and silver 

Are you ready to revolutionize your spring wardrobe?

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