Dopamine Dressing

Even if you've long considered yourself a staunch minimalist, you likely found yourself inviting more color into your wardrobe recently. Fashion folks will tell you this colorful change in heart is due to the widespread maximalist movement known as dopamine dressing. In times of strife (which, let's be honest, we've had plenty of in recent years), we seek joy wherever we can get it, including our fashion choices. 

The newest collection from Spain's Vilagallo will please all the senses!

With a season so full of colour and print, a nude shoe has never been so important! Shop all new sandals from Capelli Rossi HERE >

And the "MUST HAVE" pump from Peter Kaiser HERE

And yes, of course it also comes in black. Check it out HERE

There is a rainbow of colour this spring and we have just the pieces for you! 

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