Loves Pure Light TRUNK SHOW

December 17th and 18th


Join Cydney Galbraith herself at Lord's Dec 17th 7 18th from 11-3pm for an EXCLUSIVE TRUNK SHOW of her Canadian designed & made limited edition and eco-friendly designs. Become an ambassador of Cydney's message of LOVE & PROMISE when you wrap yourself of someone you love in her "fashion from the inside out" iconic silk and modal organic fabrics.
Luxury handpainted heirloom scarves. Handcrafted with love. Our collectors scarves come with a keepsake message of hope. Because a Promise is Forever.


The uniqueness of our SUPERNATURAL FABRICS



Designed in Canada. Made in Canada


Afashion brand built upon pure promise. When you sow into one of these scarves, you are sowing into a promise. When you are sowing into a promise, you are sowing into your destiny. When you are sowing into a destiny there are no limitations for you!

A promise IS forever. The scarves will last forever. Our luxury scarves have hidden messages of love hidden in them and on them. Canadian designer Cydney Galbraith has hand painted 90% of every Love’s Pure Light Scarf. Cydney hand paints on pure silk fabric saturating each design in promise and the colors of love. Each scarf comes with a promise card love letter written to YOU that designer Cydney has spent time listening to that still small voice, and releasing designs that minister to the heart first. Truly a Love’s Pure Light Scarf will refresh your inmost place with passion and supernatural faith to live your life full of great hope!

When your heart feels good, you just look good! Each scarf is unique and limited production of each design per season.

The best thing you can do with one of our Luxury scarves is BLESS someone with a seed of HOPE. Be the person that affirms some ones identity. Be an ambassador of the greatest gift of all, LOVE.

Truly Love’s Pure Light




Fashion without a culture of FAITH HOPE AND LOVE is just clothes. Love’s Pure Light is a supernatural clothing line with a heavenly perspective. Designer Cydney Mariel Galbraith founded Love's Pure Light in 2012. Each one of Cydney’s hand painted, heart crafted, royal garments combines supernatural power of declaration and promise. There is a hidden message of love and hope to you on each piece. Love’s Pure Light shapes healthy identity not just an image, with the timeless elegance of luxury silk.


“I renew my strength by creative giving. The very words we speak have power; we must speak life over this world. I have always been a creative being, I was born to create! I live a life of color. I created my line of forever scarves and fashions because I wanted to design something with a forever value, something with pure materials and sustainable to the fashion world. My pieces have been saturated with messages that are everlasting. They will always speak to the heart first. My vision was to fashion women globally from the INSIDE-OUT. I have painted promises to you on each one of my luxury garments. I want all women across the world to understand the power of being baptized and bathed in a garment of true love. When you put on love, you shift the atmosphere!”


Designer Cydney became professionally trained chef, florist and former three-time Canadian National Cycling Champion competing at the world level. Cydney applies the same passion, pursuit of excellence and tenacity towards beauty that makes Love's Pure Light luxury garments known for high quality, uplifting designs.


“Some may call me an extremist…. but... I just call myself one who is on a passionate pursuit. For the proof of your desire is in your pursuit! What is the best thing about an adventure? YOU NEVER GET LOST.”


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