Nile: featured by 3 women in our community

This collection is inspired by the incredible women in our community; each showcasing our new NILE delivery with their own style. 

Meet Kathryn, Jobina & Jody.

We are proud to feature three fabulous women from different walks of life, each showcasing our new designs from NILE with their fashionable flair and smiles.

Kathryn - Influencer and Teacher  creator of CLASSROOM RUNWAY: a beloved teacher and beacon of inspiration and positivity using her platform to showcase effortless and everyday style. Known for her impeccable fashion sense and her commitment to making a difference. 

Kathryn brings a contemporary feminine edge to our collection.


NILE stands for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production. 90% of the materials used by Nile come from sustainable sources.


Jobina - Neighbor and Life Coach: our very own neighbor and a dedicated life coach, empowers individuals to achieve their goals. Known for her empathetic approach and her chic, approachable style, Jobina brings a refreshing perspective to our collection.

Jobina's look shows how our pieces can be both inspiring and practical for everyday life.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest collection, a celebration of elegance, strength, and the unique beauty that every woman brings to the world.


Breaking News: more NATURALIZER has arrived! 

These sandals are engineered to pamper your feet while you turn heads. The cushioned footbeds are like walking on clouds, and the stable platforms give you the boost you need without the wobble.

Whether you're dancing the night away or just making a grand entrance, you'll do it in style and comfort.

    FREE SHIPPING on Canadian orders over $300.   


Jody - News Anchor Extraordinaire:  the face of local Steele & Vance program; Jody brings grace and professionalism to the screen Thursdays at 8pm pm on Chek. Known for her keen sense of style and her ability to connect with viewers, Jody perfectly captures the sophistication of our new collection from NILE. 

Jody demonstrates how our collection can transition seamlessly from the newsroom to a day out when you pop off the work blazer.



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sizzling pops of colour for $45

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