Nile The Brand - handmade blouses


A new drop of Nile blouses have arrived at Lord's 

Handmade, multi-faceted, rich in detail.
The heart of the brand beats in the studio. This is where the first handcrafted individual pieces of a collection are created. A smorgasbord of fabrics, buttons, ingredients, drawings, and prints are the starting point for the creative process. Themes are staged with emotional mood boards. Initial patterns are drawn, unmistakable fabrics selected, exact blanks created, wich are finally sewn on with the machine to create a prototype that often surprises.
What Nile does:
  • Despite the closure of our stores, we have, of course, fully accepted and paid our producers for the deliveries of our spring and summer collections.
  • NILE is one of the few companies that makes advance payments to all producers when a production order is placed.
  • In turn, our producers ensure that their workers are paid even when operations are shut down.
  • The orders for the autumn collection have been placed in the usual way and the down payments made.
  • We're also working with some of our producers to manufacture masks.We are using these for our staff, selling and also donating them to various institutions. In this way, we can make full use of our producers' production capacities. 
It is important to us that solidarity is practiced everywhere in these times. With this in mind, we appeal to all companies in our industry to show solidarity with the producers, even in these special times, by accepting the ordered collections and paying in full and on time.

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