Tips for Tops! Your summer buying guide.


Every women, no matter what age or size, has an AH-HA moment when they realize the average cotton T-shirt isn't doing them any favours anymore! Whether it's the length ( why do all T-shirts feel like they shrink in the dryer???) or the sleeve style isn't making the grade, or the cut doesn't fit are some "tips for tops" to get you into the right top this season!

 Material is everything! Not all cottons are the same and not all blends are created equal! In fact, depending on the material composition some will shorten when you wash and others will stretch out. 

There are several other natural materials that are breathable like cotton but will wash and wear with greater ease.  

 HOT TIP: Try viscose instead of cotton!!!

.....and try viscose in a print while you are at it!

Viscose is a bark-base product that will hold colour and shape even when washed in the machine!! Plus when laid flat to dry it won't wrinkle! This material wants to go on trips with you as it packs well and loves adventure. 

Check out our NILE viscose tops HERE >

Crea Concept has a fabulous collection of viscose too.

Click HERE >


Finding a shape that fits is the Holy Grail of T-shirt shopping. Chosing a style that fits your bust, your arms and your length can be a Herculean event. 

Here are a few tops that have winning "fits" we think you will like. Look over the styles below and see why these are among our best sellers at Lord's. 

1. The Ozai N Ku  "Syringa" is a 50-50 cotton-modal T-shirt that is designed and made in Greece. The material blend is brilliant but it is the asymmetrical cut of the hem line that draws the body leaner and longer with its diagonal line. Plus the raglan-cap sleeve is perfect for a wee bit of arm coverage - and won't cause the bust line to pull tight.

We call the "Syringa" T-Shirt our "lose 10 lbs T "!!! Catch it before it's gone!!!

$95 and also available in black. Shop now >

2. A geometric print pull-over is a lovely way to pair boldness with comfort and style. Meet the "Waterlily"  top. $145.

This viscose-modal top (above) is an A-line cut with a scalloped hem done up in a simple knit. The loose and light weight silhouette is a fabulous way to look sharp and stay cool. Plus the soft cap sleeve hits the arm at the right place to provide coverage without being too full. 

*also avaiable in a plus fit. 

3. Since the eye is always looking for symmetry and we have yet to meet a human that is perfectly symmetric; a longer silhouette is a smashing way to minimize bust, lengthen the torso and elongate any lumps and bumps along the way. 

Lotus Eaters (above) from Greece cleverly concocted the The "Scala" tunique top at $145 for your summer style. Plus it would be an awesome bathing suit cover-up! 

4. Not ready to show your arms but wanting to stay cool?

A boxy linen pull-over is a key piece in any summer wardrobe as it can be worn with capris, wide leg trousers or even over a summer dress. Allow the looseness of this piece to move and flow all the while giving you a modern summery look. 

The "Barnes" top is a perfect combo of cotton and linen that results in a flowy but crisp pull-over.

$125 and also available in a natural off-white. 

5. Asymmetrical hem lines are the key to lengthening the bod! Rather than cutting a strong horizontal line that cuts the body in half the "Milfoil" cotton-modal T-shirt gives an airy approach to the everyday T! 

Notable, the tone on tone "patch-work" design  breaks up and replaces the idea of one panel and thus takes attention away from the bust line and breaks up the width to sooth and smooth the waistline. 

The "Milfoil" is $95 and also comes in a natural off-white. 

6. Woven linens  are a fine and luxurious way to wear a summer T. The light material falls nicely and doesn't get caught up on bra material - some how it has the ability to cascade over tummy lumps and character details we all have. 

These lovely linen tops from Nile  are not only made with eco friendly fabrics and dyes but come in soft feminine tones, prints and even long sleeves.

A linen T is the ultimate companion for your summer wardrobe! 

7. Viscose prints (above) are key for the summer style!! They wash and wear like magic plus the flow of the material keeps from grabbing the body. Loose square shapes like this Copenhagen B  style above are $125.  Worn just as easily with denim as it can with a pair of wide trousers or shorts. 

The long linear lines of this print is also flattering to the shape and the material composition will keep this pieces washing well. 

8. If cotton is your go-to for summer than we have a gift for you! Crea Concept  has created the "easy fit" T  in three colours: orange, navy and light grey to go with all your summer style and outings. See style above. 

The cotton is knit rather than woven to create a thicker more flattering material that will flow over the body and not get caught up where it shouldn't. What's the difference of a woven cotton you may ask.....feeling is believing and Crea knows how to knit. 

9. Trade your T for a blouse! Why not!?

This is a fun pull-over from Nile that will work at the beach and the office. It's feminine, it's flattering and versatile. Plus this 100% viscose piece is cool and airy and won't drowned you as the prints are actually minimizing! Size down! 

The sleeve detail is perfect for coverage and the gentile tie creates a sweetheart neckline that works with most bust lines. 


We have an awesome selection of tops in this season from size XS-XXXL. 

Click here to see the entire selection! 

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