Transitional Dressing: WInter to Spring PRO TIPS


(meaning STAY WARM while embrace spring hues)


Nü Denmark tank now $116 and pink trousers $145 pulled together with Alembeka dot-vest now on sale! Wonders boot was $395 now $99 and SMB purse 40% off. 

Velvet Verve and Cozy Brights:

Let your style evolve with the changing weather! Embrace the lush texture of velvet for the chill, and seamlessly transition to the breezy comfort of spring hues. 🌬️🌞 #VelvetDreams  

The versatility of a pink trouser is unmatched! 

RESTOCK on our fave quilted jacket! only $175


Layer with Luxe: Cashmere & Skirts

Wrap yourself in the epitome of elegance with a cashmere sweater (40% off) paired effortlessly with a flirty skirt ($85). The cozy warmth of cashmere meets the flirtatious charm of skirts, creating a dynamic duo for transitional dressing. 

Cashmere sweater now $285, Foil skirt $85, Lodi pump $265

 🌈 #CozyChic #SweaterWeather #SkirtSensation



It's the last week to catch our CHIE MIHARA SALE

~click on the sandal below to see up to 70% off!


Leather Love in Light Hues Don't stow away your leather just yet! Elevate your transitional wardrobe with light-colored leather. 🌈👖 

Periphery Jacket JUST ARRIVED! 

Nile denim now on sale plus these Wonders 2 tone boots are now only $280

PRO TIP to stay warm and bright: Tuck in our 40% Boxy Cashmere sweater into these new neutral vegan pants from Carre Noire $125 and Wonders square toe pump  $325

 Brights in Full Bloom Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, so let your wardrobe bloom with vibrat blues, soft pinks, and minty greens - all colours you will find this sweater in!  🌷🌼 #SweaterPerfection #SpringPalette   


FASHION FACT: The sharp contrast of BLACK & WHITE works in every season!!!

Black & white underpinning $90, Canadian made green dress form Periphery now only $299, Wonders booties $280, Kenti black cardi was $298 NOW $99


The Jody Blazer is now 40% off in all three colours.

NOW only $105

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