TRUNK SHOW: West Coast Hatters Dec 1st & 2nd


Meet the Designer and West Coast Hatter's TRUNK SHOW

The ladies of Lord's are heels over handbags to announce the 2 day trunk show and designer event with Mary Jane Patterson of West Coast Hatters. 

 Saturday Dec 1st and Sunday Dec 2nd @ Lord's!

About MJ

Originally hailing from Brighton, England, I started working in the hat industry in Vancouver, BC, in 2010. Along the way I realised I had a passion for all things hats and  started experimenting with restoration and manufacture.


I began designing and making my own hats in 2011. First I learnt how to technically block hats using vintage wooden hat blocks, making bespoke designs for private clients. Soon after I realised that there were hats I wanted to make but no blocks existed to make them so I taught myself how to freeform hats using draping techniques with felt and straw to create more sculptural pieces.  Using these techniques I can also freehand shape traditional felts to create unique crowns and pinches.

 My style comes from a combination of experimentation with materials, finding new and unique ways to shape, form and drape and the use of tradtional techniques. My men's hats are formed on traditional wooden blocks using steam and pressure applied by hand, all seams are hand stitched. Some styles are also shaped freeform to give near infinite variation in the crown and brim. Most hat bodies are made from fur felt although I do work with wool felt, straw, silk, sinamay and other materials.


West Coast Hatters provides several services:


* Consultation and hat design

* Bespoke millinery

* Wardrobe pieces for the TV and film industry

* Couture fashion pieces

*Restoration and repair

*Millinery classes

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