Waterproof Style!



Waterproof fashion doesn't meant you have to compromise style! We have an amazing selection of WATERPROOF boots, shoes and coats from all around the world to keep you toe tapping on trend this season.

Check out our feature styles from Bos & Co, Hogl, Cougar and more! 

Bos& Co is one of our fave waterproof lines; made in Portugal and all leather! These top styles feel as good as they look! And contrary to popular belief YES< YOU CAN WEAR SUEDE IN THE RAIN! In fact, the majority of our waterproof leather lines are produced in suede over a flat leather as they are easier to keep. Flat leather can swell and become more prone to scratching once it gets soggy with repeated water-walks. Suede on the other hand, can more easily be brushed and sprayed to look new again. Trust us, if we could set up Billboards all over town touting the virtues of suede in the winter we would! 
Printed leathers are also a fabulous way to hide the hardship leather takes in the winter! The prints minimize dirt, wear and marks! And there is no better season than now to own a snake print or cheetah print boot! Animal print is only for the wild. 
And colour! At Lord's we always feel that colour should win! Why not be fun for the same price! Just because it's WATERPROOF like this red hot number doesn't mean it has to be black! We have a broad spectrum of waterproof colours this season! Come check them out!

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