KNFC375A-07L Banana Peel Floral Cardigan

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20% Cashmere

30% Banana Peel 

50% Rayon

A floral beauty! The softest knitwear you'll ever own. Our banana peel knitwear collection is perfect for the colder season and adds a touch of colour to your layers. 

This jumper is one size and will comfortably fit sizes 8-14 UK,6-10 US

Banana fabric is made from the waste left over from banana fruit. The yarn used to make banana fabric is spun from strands derived from both the soft inner and coarse outer linings of banana peel and banana stems and stalks left behind once bananas are harvested.Inner peel – the part of the banana waste that banana silk comes from. The fabric is soft like silk and is generally quite expensive to produce.

Clothing made completely from banana fibre has many positive characteristics due to its natural makeup. It’s breathable and moisture-wicking for comfortable wear and isn’t known for pilling or bobbling. However, banana fabric isn’t great at retaining heat, so it’s often used to make more lightweight, breathable clothing. 

Banana fabric is one of the most sustainable plant-based alternatives on the market. When made using organic bananas and safe processes that are chemical-free, fabrics made from 100% organic banana fibre are biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free, and almost carbon-neutral to produce.

More ethical and animal-friendly than silk and less water-intensive than cotton, although organic fibre can be expensive, it can be turned into lustrous fabrics that are completely planet-kind. Utilising the billion tons of banana peels wasted each year, banana fibre turns them into something more useful.